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William Lovell Church of England Academy

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At the William Lovell C of E Academy we believe a settled pastoral team is critical to each student’s wellbeing, success and happiness. All students are allocated to a tutor group on joining the school. To support with transition into Year 7 we endeavour to place our new intake with at least one other pupil whom they know, as this familiarity can help overcome any anxieties associated with moving into secondary education. Our form tutors will typically remain with the same group of students as they move through the year groups.

Aspirational Leads

This year we have also introduced another layer of pastoral support, with the appointment Aspirational Leads. These are members of staff who look after and manage the tutor groups at:

Year 7 : Mrs E Tarjanyi - Aspirational Lead

Year 8 and 9 combined : Mr T Roberts - Aspirational Lead

Year 10 and 11 combined: Mr C Wilson - Aspirational Lead

Their role predominantly is focused promoting the many positive aspects of life in the Academy – the weekly and termly rewards programmes which take place, for example. They will also support with any issues where additional support or intervention is required for an individual student. The Aspirational Leaders will present in assembly to each year group weekly, as well as organise a ‘tutor-time’ activity routine which will help develop the community spirit of each tutor group and the whole year group.

It is recommended that the first point of contact for any parent / carer enquiry is with their child’s form tutor.