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William Lovell Church of England Academy

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student Leadership:

Allowing our students to become the leaders of the future and serve our local community

Our student leadership programme has recently been relaunched. This provides opportunities for all students to engage in a democratic process to elect a school council to represent student needs. Through this programme, as well as plans for a Parent Teacher Association we are further committed to build and foster strong relationships in our local community, including working with feeder primary schools.

For all students who join us at the William Lovell C of E Academy community we strive to provide all opportunities for enable academic, personal, and spiritual development to flourish and succeed. We believe all students should have Hope, be provided with the tools to develop their Wisdom, and, through equality policies, have Dignity.


Our students have elected peers to join a Student Representative Body. They meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team regularly to discuss areas relevant to their needs, as well as measures on how the Academy can continue to make progress. The Student Council also support staff in promoting the Christian Ethos of the school and help with our work in the local community. We are pleased to work with these fantastic role models.