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William Lovell Church of England Academy



Raising a concern in our school

Although we work very hard as a school, there are times when you may wish to raise a question or concern. Our aim is to resolve all concerns quickly and sympathetically. So that we can deal with this in the most effective way, we have a protocol, across all schools in our Trust, which we would ask that all parents follow.

  • We would respectfully ask that you do not email the Headteacher directly as it is possible that your email will not be seen for some time due to workload.
  • Please do not email teachers directly either as they are busy teaching and, similarly, may not see your email.

Instead, please follow this protocol, 

1. If the issue is regarding a Teaching and Learning aspect of your child's provision, please arrange to meet with the right aspirational leader of the year group by contacting the school office either by telephone (01205 480352) or email ( stating your specific query, giving a reasonable time for the teacher to respond given their teaching commitments. We will commit to responding within 48 hours as far as is reasonably practicable.

2. If the issue is regarding Safeguarding, then please ask to speak to the school's designated personnel for Safeguarding, or

3. After meeting with the class teacher, please allow a reasonable time for your issue to be resolved. It may be that the teacher wishes to speak to a colleague, your child or other children.

4. If, after point 1 and 3, you are still not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the school office and request a meeting with the relevant Assistant Headteacher. Mrs Whittaker, Mr Symons or Mrs Rose. 

5. If, after point 1, 3, 4, you remain unsatisfied, then please contact the school office to request an appointment or telephone call with the Headteacher, Mr Hutton, at a time which is mutually convenient. It may not be possible to talk with them the same day and an appointment will not be offered, unless previous points have been carried out.

6. If, after speaking with the Headteacher, you remain unsatisfied, then please follow the Trust’s complaints procedure which can be viewed here Complaints-Policy.pdf ( or ask for a paper copy from the school office.


Parents Code of Conduct.pdf