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William Lovell Church of England Academy



William Lovell Academy Uniform

Uniform is a key driver in raising standards and expectations among all students and the Academy places a high level of importance on this. Please be aware that failure to follow the uniform dress code will be challenged. There are to be no variations on a theme.

Uniform Letter July 2021

Below are the uniform requirements.

Everyday Uniform

School shoes: plain black sensible leather shoes.

(No boots, canvas, or trainer style shoes)

School blazer (Compulsory)

Plain white shirt

School tie

Black trousers / skirt

(Only to be purchased from

Nationwide School Uniform – formal style)

Pullover (optional)

Sportswear/Games Kit

Red Rugby shirt with school logo for outside

White polo shirt with school logo for inside

Plain black shorts (not cycling shorts, no leggings)

Red Socks


Football Boots


No facial jewellery is permitted including eyebrows, nose, tongue, lip studs or rings. One stud earring is permitted in each ear and a wrist watch may be worn.


Only natural hair colours are permitted with no razor cuts and no extreme hairstyles. (The final arbiter of extreme is the head teacher)

Make Up

Make up of any description is discouraged. Students will be required to remove any excessive make up. Nail varnish is not allowed. False nails and eyelashes are not allowed.