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William Lovell Church of England Academy

Summer School

Summer School 


  • to provide transitional activities that the school had not been able to deliver in the usual way during the summer term due to Covid restrictions.
  • to deliver a blend of learning and enrichment activities to enable the students attending to make up for missed educational experiences

Support for Transition

The Summer School was staffed by a range of subject and support staff, including the leadership team, enabling the students to get to know names and faces in preparation for September.  “Getting to Know You” games and activities ensured that the students would start school in September having already built relationships with their peers.  Dedicated transition sessions gave the students time to reflect on their life journey so far and the opportunities ahead, as well as familiarising them with the practicalities of school life such as the school day, timetables and the school values of Generosity, Respect, Justice, Forgiveness and Truth.  These values were revisited in Art activities in which students created portraits of public figures who personify these values. 

Learning and Enrichment

The school took a blended approach to learning and enrichment, using active learning to give students an opportunity to enjoy some of the “fun” activities that they missed due to the pandemic.  In History, they learned about trench warfare before taking part in a re-enactment in the gym.  In English they read and wrote about dragons and created their own dragon masks.  For Science, the student took part in a forensic science day, investigating an imagined crime scene. 


In Music, students received an introduction to the subject at William Lovell Academy and took part in a mini performance of Jonah Man Jazz.  Students also enjoyed a range of PE activities, inclusive of all abilities.

All students who attended Summer School received an introduction to Accelerated Reader and the online library MyON which they were then able to use over the Summer Break.  This gave them access to more than 6000 enhanced digital books tailored to their instructional reading level.  All key stage 3 students continue to have access to this resource both in school and from home.


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